Denison Development Alliance
Title: VP of Operations
Phone: (903) 464-0883
Loretta Rhoden

About Loretta Rhoden

Loretta Rhoden has been with the Denison Development Alliance since September, 2000, where she started as the Executive Secretary, and was promoted to Vice President of Operations in September 2005.

Prior to working with DDA, Mrs. Rhoden lived in Colorado, and worked for a top-rated investigative firm which specialized in high profile cases including the Jon Benet Ramsey case and others. During her stay in Colorado, Mrs. Rhoden also worked for a non-profit organization providing services to developmentally disabled adults.

Mrs. Rhoden is a graduate of Denison High School, and holds an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Microcomputer Applications from Grayson College, where she was recognized for academic excellence and leadership.  She also a graduate of Columbia College with a  Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration.

Ms. Rhoden has earned the Competent Toastmaster and Competent Leader Awards from Toastmasters International.

Mrs. Rhoden lives in Denison with her husband, Bob, and their sons.

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