Housing Statistics

Grayson County
Total Housing Units
Months Inventory1.61.6
Median Price
Average Price
Median Household Income

Source: Real Estate Center, Texas A&M University; Census.gov.  Updated March 2021

Denison Housing Summary

Denison has initiated creative incentive programs to encourage new housing construction. Single family housing permits are occurring in record numbers since 2014. Two new multi-family housing complexes have opened and more are being developed.

Median Home Value

Median home value in the area is $144,689, compared to a median home value of $211,199 for Texas.

Household Count

The household count in this area has grown from 9,185, a change of 3% percent annually. The five year projection of households is expected to grow 9% percent annually from the current year total. Average household size is currently 2.52, compared to 2.43 in the year 2000.