Housing Statistics

Grayson County
Total Housing Units
Months Inventory3.53.7
Median Price
Average Price
Median Household Income

Source: Real Estate Center, Texas A&M University; Census.gov

Denison Housing Summary

Denison has initiated creative incentive programs to encourage new housing construction. Single family housing permits are occurring in record numbers since 2014. Two new multi-family housing complexes have opened and more are being developed.

Median Home Value

Median home value in the area is $144,689, compared to a median home value of $211,199 for Texas.

Household Count

The household count in this area has grown from 9,185, a change of 3% percent annually. The five year projection of households is expected to grow 9% percent annually from the current year total. Average household size is currently 2.52, compared to 2.43 in the year 2000.