Emerging Technology Program

The $200 million Texas Emerging Technology Program is designed to help Texas create jobs and grow the economy over the long-term by expediting the development and commercialization of new technologies and attracting and creating jobs in technology fields that will form the backbone of our economy. The program will work through partnerships between the state, institutions of higher education and private industry to focus greater attention on the research, development and commercialization of emerging technology. The Emerging Technology Program is dedicated to three areas:

  1. Regional Centers of Innovation and Commercialization (RCICs). These centers will become concentrated with applied R&D activities, be incubators (including specialized workforce training) for startup firms and encourage expansion of existing companies resulting from commercializing their developments.
  2. Matching grant funds. Applied technology research and development projects that accelerate commercialization into production and have a demonstrated ability to receive or have received federal grants or non-state grants may apply for matching dollars from the Emerging Technology Fund. Grants such as Small Business Innovation Research grants, Small Business Technology Transfer grants, etc.
  3. Attracting research talent. The state will help Texas public universities attract highly renowned research teams from universities and institutions in other states.

Contact Info

For more information regarding the application process or funding, please contact Mark Ellison with the Office of the Governor at 512-463-1472.