Quality of Life

"Denison has much to offer its residents and visitors from its wonderful public parks and covered pool to a nationally recognized hospital and exemplary public school system. All these things and more combine to make Denison a stand-out town with stand-out people who celebrate the art of living. Being able to enjoy the community and feel safe at the same time is definitely a winning combination."


Charles & Jody Allen, Owners - Knives of Alaska


Police and Fire Protection

Police Protection

   Full-time Employees 47
   Civilian Employes 11

Fire Protection

   Full-time Employees 63
   Fire Insurance Key Rate %.15 Class 5A

Fire insurance key rates in Texas range from $.09 to $1.00 based upon the adequacy and pressure of the water supply, and the quality of fire fighters and their equipment. Effective 01/01/98, Texas is rated in accordance with the national board class ratings published by the National Insurance Service Office (ISO). New ratings are based upon 2-10 rating systems. Denison is rated Class 3.

Reported Crimes

Offense 2012 2013
   Homicide 1 4
   Rape 10 9
   Robbery 15 15
   Aggravated Assault 66 67
   Burglary 249 147
   Motor Vehicle Theft 62 53
   Larceny 763 650
   Arson 7 1
  Crime Index Totals 1,173 946