Quality of Life

"Denison has much to offer its residents and visitors from its wonderful public parks and covered pool to a nationally recognized hospital and exemplary public school system. All these things and more combine to make Denison a stand-out town with stand-out people who celebrate the art of living. Being able to enjoy the community and feel safe at the same time is definitely a winning combination."


Charles & Jody Allen, Owners - Knives of Alaska




·       Denison ISD was named to the prestigious “Top 10 Best School Districts in Texas” list by Education Resources Group, a respected research firm in Houston.
·       Denison schools consistently score above the state average on standardized tests in virtually all areas, often by as much as 20 percentage points.
·       Newsweek ranked Denison High School in the top 4% of high-performing schools in the nation.
·       A recent $80,000,000 bond has been used to renovate existing elementary schools and middle school - and construction is underway on the new high school campus!

Denison Independent School District

Denison Independent School District
Number of School Districts 1
Grades K - 4th


Grades 5 - 6 1
Grades 7 - 8 1
Grades 9 - 12 1
School Enrollment


Elementary School Enrollment


Secondary School Enrollment


Spending per Student


Total Budget $50,004,038
Instructional Budget


Student Teacher Ratio 17 - 1
Average Teacher Experience 14.7 years
Percentage with Bachelor's Degree 100%
Percentage with Advanced Degree 46%
7th Grade Standard Achievement Test Results (STAAR)
Standard not yet established for STAAR
Sources: Denison ISD Updated: 12/15/2016

ACT Results

Number of Students Taking Test 57%
Average Score 21.9
Sources: Denison ISD Updated: 10/29/2012

SAT Results

Number of Students Taking Test 38%
Average Score


Sources: Denison ISD Updated: 10/29/2012

Post DISD Graduation

Percent of High School Seniors Attending College 79%
Percent of High School Seniors Entering the Labor Market 13%

Percent of Students Participating in Articulated Courses

Sources: Denison ISD Updated: 10/29/2012