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Housing Growth Accelerates In Denison
Thursday, August 3, 2017
Housing growth accelerates in Denison

By Carley Banks, KTEN News

DENISON, Texas -- New houses are popping up everywhere around Denison, and the city is poised to break its 2016 housing permit record.
Among those new homes is the Gateway Village development. Edward Carel is building homes in the up-and-coming section of the city near Texoma Medical Center.
"I just fell in love with the Denison community, and that's why I felt this should be our next step," he said. "The downtown; the arts feel; the lake; the people in the community -- it was just a natural next step for me."


The vision for Gateway Village includes hike-and-bike trails that connect residents to parks, dining, and shopping in the area.


 "Being able to live here and take bikes to work is part of the master plan," Carel said. "Trail heads like this will ultimately lead through the neighborhood, down into the park, and near the soccer fields."

The growth in the Denison housing market is very apparent to current homeowners.
"I moved to Denison three-and-a-half years ago, and there was very little to move into that was ready to move in,"  said Denison Development Alliance executive William Myers. "Today, that selection is growing, and to have this quality and this variety of homes being built in Denison is truly a great experience."
Keeping the Denison home town feel is a goal for Carel as he begins to build these houses.
"That is what makes Denison so rich, is the community feel," he said. "So to create a housing area where people can interact and ride bikes and know their neighbors and be on the front porch... that culture's already here, so we're just giving an opportunity for that to expand."
Construction at Gateway Village is scheduled to begin next week.