Business Environment

“As an outsource customer service provider, our core business focuses ondelivering the ideal customer experience through customer service advisors who are knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. It all starts with people. It is important to Dialog Direct to be able to have access to a labor market with the best candidates and this is a major consideration when choosing a new site.  The fact that the high school graduation rate is 96%, makes it much more desirable than many major cities.  The community understands the importance of business development and the Denison Development Alliance helped us every step of the way in becoming a proud part of the Denison community.”

Eric Rothert, Chief Executive Officer ~ Dialog Direct 



Currently our natural gas is supplies by Atmos Gas.  The current average industrial rate is as follows:

Industrial Rate


Charge                                                Amount

Customer Charge per Meter          $ 675.00 per month

First 0 MMBtu to 1,500 MMBtu      $ 0.2807 per MMBtu

Next 3,500 MMBtu                          $ 0.2056 per MMBtu

All MMBtu over 5,000 MMBtu        $ 0.0441 per MMBtu



Major Source Lake Randell and Lake Texoma
Water Treatment Provider City of Denison
Rated Capacity (mgd) 13
Average Daily Demand 4.2
Peak Demand (mgd)


Pressure on Mains 60 PSI
Cost per 100 Gallons Residential - $2.81
Commercial/Industrial - $3.16
Water Tap Fee Residential - $605 - $1875
Commercial/Industrial - Variable Direct Cost of $25 - $35
Sources: City of Denison
Sources: Denison Public Utilities
Updated: 5/4/2010

Water Analysis (MG/L)

Bicarbonate 131 - 170
Calcium 46.1 - 78.6
Nitrate 0.12 - 0.25
Magnesium 2 - 35
Manganese 0.06 - .008
Fluoride 0.6 - 0.7
Sulfate 75 - 225
Chloride 260 - 373
Sources: City of Denison
Sources: Denison Public Utilities
Updated: 5/4/2010

Sanitary Sewer

Provider Name City of Denison
Type of Service City Owned - Activate Sludge Process
Rated Capacity (mgd) 6
Average Daily Demand (mgd) 2.6
Cost per 100 Gallons Residential - $2.45
Commercial/Industrial - $2.55
Sewer Connection Fee Residential - $475.00 to $750
Commercial/Industrial - Variable Direct Cost
Sources: City of Denison
Sources: Denison Public Utilities
Updated: 5/4/2010

Solid Waste Disposal

The City of Denison and Waste Management of Texas provide a solid waste disposal system for normal, non-hazardous wads. Various private contractors handle hazardous waste disposal and recycling.

Quality Requirements for Discharge

Industries discharging more than 50 pounds per day of BOD and TSS must obtain a discharge permit that allows a rate of 500 MG/L multiplied by the flow from their plant.

Oil and Grease - 150 MG/L
* Permitted industry surcharges apply at waste concentrations above 250 MG/L.

Electric Power

When it comes to electricity supply, Texas has an advantage no other state can offer. Texas boasts its own stand alone electric power grid to ensure a reliable, secure and uninterrupted supply of electricity. In 1993, the Center for Advancement of Energy Markets ranked Texas the "number one" deregulated market in the United States.

The new era of deregulation in Texas offers new opportunities for competitive rates and services. The current industrial rate is 6.9 cents pkwh.  Below is the link to information for residential and non-residential electrical power providers.

Power To Choose