What DDA Will Do For You

DDA will provide you with all the data and introductions you need for every aspect of a new business location process including, but not limited to the following:

  • Introduce you to Denison leaders
  • Represent you before public bodies
  • Make a success of your commitment to Denison in every way
  • Assess your requirements
  • Locate the best suited building or site
  • Schedule interviews with local employers
  • Prepare a community/trade area profile
  • Quantify demographics and traffic
  • List economic indicators
  • Identify support services
  • Provide list of existing industries
  • Provide the right introductions to financial sources
  • Acquaint you with financing alternatives
  • Assist with financing packages
  • Prepare transportation profile
  • Obtain freight rate structure
  • Prepare comparative costs of trucking and rail
  • List applicable taxes
  • Detail tax exemptions that apply
  • Estimate your tax liability
  • Furnish costs for construction, land, and utilities
  • Conduct labor surveys
  • Outline all available incentives
  • Meet with federal, state and local government officials to discuss regulations that impact you
  • Provide briefings on community plans for economic development
  • Talk to educational leaders about training programs and plans
  • Produce cost of living information
  • List recreational and cultural assets
  • Describe opportunities available in our progressive educational systems from primary to post-secondary levels